Perm Reg'd Beagles



Our puppies are part of our family and raised in the home where they are well socialized to new sights and sounds. We generally place our puppies at about 8 - 9 weeks of age after they have received their initial shots and worming.  A puppy packet is provided for each of our puppies including health history, five generation pedigree, care and feeding information, housebreaking and obedience tips along with a contract that comes with a guarantee against hereditary problems.


Our dogs are housedogs, all of them. They may spend time in the kennel during the day but they all sleep in the house. If you intend to keep one of our pups as an outside dog. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US. Beagles are family members, not merely dogs. They are very people oriented and they want to be with their people wherever that is -- in the house, outside, etc. A Beagle whose life is spent in a backyard, in a kennel run, in a crate, or one who receives a pat now and then with his water and food, is a miserable creature.


Some things you should know before contacting us to inquire about buying a puppy...

  • We do not sell puppies to brokers, pet stores or chains.
  • We do not place puppies into their new homes as a gift.
  • If a litter is ready to go to their new home around a major holiday we hold the pup until the chaos of the season has settled down.
  • We do not place our dogs where they will be left alone for longer than 4 hours or where there are children under the age of 5.



How A Puppy Is Chosen

Whether sold as a “pet“ or as a “show/breeding prospect” your puppy has been bred from the best breeding stock available and is a product of a great deal of care, research, hard work and love.  He/she is a good representative of the breed and is structurally and temperamentally sound.  Your puppy is suited to be a wonderful companion for show, obedience, agility or therapy work.  He/she has received lots of care and socialization from us.  We are very proud of the puppies we produce!  Our hope is that you enjoy your puppy as much as we enjoy your puppy’s parents. When this happens then we have fulfilled a large part of our goals as breeders. Most experienced breeders will work with you in choosing the puppy you get, instead of letting you make the choice alone.  This is NOT because you are getting the “last pick” (which many people worry about), or because we don’t care about what you want.  It is because we care a great deal that you get the kind of puppy that will make you happy, and that each puppy goes into the right kind of home for that particular puppy, that we help make the choice.  Years of experience and the time spent watching them grow up gives us a much better chance of matching puppies to the proper homes.   If you want a very quiet puppy, you might visit on the one day that the quietest one is being a terror.  Or if you want an extremely “spunky” puppy, you might visit on the one day that the feistiest puppy is taking a loooooong snooze or has a belly full of breakfast. I know it’s hard, but try to trust us!  Tell us as much as you can about what you want and your lifestyle, and let us do the best we can in helping to choose the right puppy for you.  Our experience is that you will actually find that it is much easier for us to help choose the puppy for you, than it is for you to make the decision for yourself.


“Pet Quality” vs. “Show Quality”

The differences between pet quality and show quality puppies are not usually obvious to the inexperienced eye. Sometimes there are no differences, as most breeders usually have more pet homes than show homes available for any given litter.  And since the grading of puppies is an educated guess, even the very experienced eye is not infallible.  Sometimes the difference is something about the bite, the way the puppy moves or stands, an angle of the shoulder blade that we feel in our hands, or that indefinable “something” that makes us guess/hope that “this one is a show puppy.”  And sometimes we’re wrong!  In any case, if we want to keep something for ourselves to show and/or breed, or if we have show homes available, we take our best shot at picking the best candidates for the job.  The rest of the puppies are really the lucky ones!  They are the ones that get to go home with you and lie on the sofa and play ball with the kids instead of working for a living. This is why I like to refer to pet dogs as companion dogs.  That is there first and most important job..... to be your companion, in your house and on your bed.  They have received the same careful breeding and raising, usually look just the same, and sometimes when we see them six months or two years later we wish we’d kept them.......  It makes us very proud to have our puppy buyers come back with beautiful dogs that fit the standard and are good representatives of the breed.


Limited Registration vs. Full Registration

Responsible breeders sell puppies as pets on Limited Registration and spay/neuter contracts. This is out of a sincere concern for the overpopulation of pets and because we believe that breeding should not take place “in a vacuum.”  The dogs involved should have something to contribute to the breed, perhaps have distinguished themselves in some way (in conformation, obedience, agility or field work); and the people involved should have educated themselves on the breed standard, health problems in Beagles in general and in the various lines, and be very knowledgeable about raising puppies and in finding and screening good homes for them.  We take continuing responsibility for what we produce, and hope that none of our puppies is ever accidentally or carelessly bred.


Limited Registration is a tool offered by the American Kennel Club for responsible breeders to protect their breeding programs and their puppies.  Limited Registration is just like “Regular Registration", except that Limited Registration dogs may not be shown in conformation, and their offspring may not be registered with the American Kennel Club. They may be shown in obedience, agility, and hunting tests and can obtain titles in all of those areas. Limited Registration is reversible to “Full Registration", but only by the breeder of your puppy.  If you happen to join a dog club, start going to shows and then get bit by the show bug;  Or, perhaps you go to an obedience class where experienced dog people see your dog and exclaim, “He’s gorgeous! This dog must be shown and shared with the world!" We can of course talk about changing the registration to a full registration.  We’d like to see your dog, talk to you about conformation classes and made sure you know what you’re getting into if you think you want to even attempt to do this.  Dog showing is not for the faint of heart, or those with limited weekend time to travel or money to spend.  You should know by the time you have your puppy spayed or neutered whether this show bug has bitten you, and we can consider amending the contract; otherwise you will be expected to fulfill its terms and spay and/or neuter your friendly companion.


What To Buy Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

  • Food bowl and Water bowl –  stainless steel as they are  virtually indestructible and plastic bowls may cause the pigment on a dog'snose to fade.
  • Iams Lamb  & Rice small bites
  • Iams Tinned Food – any flavour or  cooked hamburger meat
  • Milkbones
  • Dog Crate - 200 Vari Kennel or equivalent.
  • Collar –  a nylon webbing one that is adjustable so it can grow  with your puppy. Never leave the collar on  your puppy when he is unattended.
  • Lead - we use 6 foot long ¼ inch width leather or web lead.  You may want to purchase a flexi lead later on to exercise your dog.
  • Baby gate, if you are intending to keep your puppy restricted to certain areas of the house.
  • An exercise pen is  also an  excellent idea  for when you are  away from the house.


Our Puppy Placement Procedure

Our pups are placed with a written agreement and are sold to Approved Homes only. Our contract requires that all puppies sold as companions must be spayed or neutered and they are sold on AKC Limited Registration.


If after we have met and spoken with you and it is agreed you will provide a loving home for a puppy and you wish to reserve a puppy from us, your name will be put on a waiting list.  Should the litter not produce a pup that is a match in temperament for your family, it will be necessary for you to wait for one of our up-coming litters. We look at each family's lifestyle, their needs, the potential home environment and each individual pup's needs and personality and make the best match between the two.


And now if you have read and agree to the above conditions, you are ready to fill out our Puppy Application. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, feel free to call us at (206) 755-0062 or email us using our Contact Form.     Thank You!